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I hereby solemnly declare that while sitting at my workstation and underneath the top of my employer, “Business X”, that any strategy I’ve and/or show aloud and/or any concept seen by my ears will totally fit in with “Corporation X” and all kind of said tips thereof. You will be hard-pressed to get one to signal anything remotely close-to that little nonsense. Some US states are better for this kind of thing (TX) among others not so much (CA). Then you definitely have different countries where basic US patent legislation falls apart fully (China). From potentially reverse-engineering your solution all the best avoiding a Chinese based supplier, rebranding it. Basically: professional essay you can’t, or at the samedayessay review least I don’t believe you’ll be able to. And that I could say you have no real guarantees. Ideas are bestessay4u only that – suggestions. You could get a patent but even theyare only superior according to the nation where they’re produced in and lawful in. What declare I shift my bad-concept-robbing-camp out on an island or even a “sailing-vessel” or something in the middle of the south pacific where your nation might have no authority.

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That flick about Myspace (albeit probably exagerated) came to my brain after I read this question. The Social Network If tomorrow I opt to develop a “better” social-network, who’s from utilizing tips actually assumed up from somebody else to stop me?