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Membership Committee

Shall accept or reject membership applications in accordance with the ByLaws and rules of this Local and the Constitution and policies of the Union.

Legislative Committee

Shall assist in developing and pursuing the program to register each qualified voter. (Get Out the Vote, Member to Member, Labor to Labor) Go to the links page for updated information HERE

Organizing Committee

Shall assist the Local Executive Officers and Stewards in organizing within the Local’s jurisdiction.

Election Committee

Shall conduct all nominations, elections, and referendums of this Local.

Education Committee

Shall assist in developing the Local’s educational program and with the Local’s Executive Officers, be responsible for effectuation of the Union’s educational program.

Community Service Committee

Shall assist Union members and their families in times of need, and shall establish and coordinate community activities of the Local.

Equity Committee

It is the responsibility of the Equity Committee to resolve any problems that arise concerning the members of Local 9588, involving issues outside of the Labor Agreements as negotiated.

ByLaws Committee

It is the duties of the ByLaw Committee to meet and review any proposed ByLaw changes on a semiannual basis.

Budget Committee

It is the duties of the Budget Committee to prepare and present an annual budget by the last membership meeting of the Local’s fiscal year which ends on September 30th, and in any Local election year it will be the option of the new incoming Local President to submit an amended budget to the Budget Committee, which will be presented to the membership in January.

Safety Committee

It is the duties of the Safety Committee to maintain an effective safety program at the Local, Council and National levels.

Women’s Committee

It is the duties of the Women’s Committee is to raise issues of special concern to women and to develop programs and strategies that make women’s issues a priority in the workplace and community

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