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Save My Home Hotline
1-866-490-5361 Are you having trouble keeping up with your mortgage payments? Act now and get a confidential, free consultation with expert housing counselors.
The Union Plus® Mortgage program, with financing provided by Wells Fargo Home Mortgage can help you with your mortgage needs whether you are purchasing your first home, buying a new home, or refinancing your current mortgage.
Did you know that in addition to active & retired union members, parents and children of union members are also eligible to participate in the Union Plus Mortgage Program? Join over 250,000 of your fellow union members and their families who have already taken advantage of these exclusive benefits:
$500 My Mortgage GiftSM award1 from Wells Fargo Home Mortgage after closing
$500 Union Plus First-Time Home Award for eligible first-time home buyers (available only to active & retired union members)
Union Plus hardship mortgage assistance in the event of income loss due to disability, unemployment, strike or lockout
Call 1-866-802-7312 to talk with a Union Plus Mortgage Program specialist to help you find the home financing that works for you or request a Union Plus Mortgage Program consultation today.

Accidental Death Insurance     1-800-393-0864
  Auto Insurance    1-800-294-9496       RU-502
Car Rental Discounts
Avis      1-800-698-5685       B723700
Budget    1-800-455-2848    V816100
Hertz     1-800 654-2200      #205666
Cingular Wireless    www.UnionPlus.Org/Cingular    #00113662
Condo rental    www.UnionPlus.Org/ConsumerReports
Credit Card   1-800-622-2580
Credit Counseling     1-877-833-1745
Credit Score    www.UnionPlus.Org/Creditscore
Cruise Discounts    1-866-867-0593
Dell Discounts 1-800-695-8133 PS166267766
Education Services 1-877-881-1022
Entertainment Discounts  1-800-565-3712   # 744387769
Flower Discounts  1-888-667-7779
Goodyear Discounts  www.UnionPlus.Org/Goodyear
Health Clubs     1-888-294-1500
Health Savings    1-877-570-4845
Home Heating Oil     1-800-660-0691
Internet Service  1-888-868-6818
Legal Services    1-888-993-8886
Life Insurance     1-800-393-0864
Loans      1-888-235-2759
Mortgage    1-800-848-6466
Moving Discounts     1-800-234-1159
Online Tax Service  www.UnionPlus.Org/Taxes
Pet Insurance  1-866-473-7387
Premier Motor Club     1-866-437-9274
Powell’s Bookstore  www.UnionPlus.Org/Books
RV Rental Discounts  www.UnionPlus.Org/Travel.Com
Scholarships   www.Unionplus.Org/Scholarships
Travel Center    www.UnionPlusTravel.Com
Union-Made Checks    1-888-864-6625
Union-Made Clothing  www.UnionPlus.Org/Clothing
Veterinary Discounts     1-888-789-7387    #UP2002
World Wide Vacation Tours     1-800-590-1104