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Verizon Select Services CA and CWA reached a Tentative Agreement

What does this mean for you?

·     You will be able to vote whether you wish to accept the contract as presented or not.
·     CWA Locals will be holding a Zoom Meeting, Tuesday March 23 to explain the changes to the contract.  (We ask that members hold off voting until they listen to the contract explanation, where questions and answers will be provided.

What vote is recommended by CWA Local 9588?
·     We recommend a ”NO” vote

·     Many issues have not been resolved and will be discussed on March 23.  By waiting to vote you will have all the information to make the decision that is in your best interest.

Other Locals also recommending a “NO” vote.
·     CWA 9400 Statewide, CWA 9404 Vallejo, CWA 9408 Fresno and CWA 9575 Camarillo